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The basing of SS Bright Drawers at Pinfold works is advantageous as the Lower Don Valley of Sheffield is an area where the main industry is steel working. This leads to a variety of tasks for which the company has a large selection of machinery operated by highly skilled individuals. An outline of each item of machinery is detailed below.


The company operates three pointing machines. One is a 100 tonne push pointing unit, and this is complimented by two roller pointing machines.


The company has an automatic feed shotblast machine which is capable of blasting square, hexagon, diameter or flat bar up to 100mm square in dimension. There is also a self contained bead blasting cabinet of size 20 x 9 x 9. This is used for anything larger than the shotblast is capable of.

Cold Drawing:

SS Bright Drawers have two hydraulic drawbenches in operation currently. This is looking to be increased to three in the near future. The first of these benches is a 60 tonne heavy reduction machine, and the second a smaller 30 tonne set up for high speed low reduction.


To meet length tolerances set by customers the company use a 100mm abrasive cut machine.


Dependent on the shape, the company can straighten the bar using a variety of machines. Diameter bars are straightened on one of the two bright reeling machines. These vary from a 3mm to 20mm diameter or 16mm to 45mm diameter operating limits. For flat, square and hexagon bars an 80 tonne hydraulic press straightening machine can be used and for these up to 50mm a roller straightening machine is available.


The company can polish all shapes of bar with up to 100mm square dimensions on a multi head bar polisher.


The company can grind 3mm to 50mm diameters on one of its multiple precision centreless grinding machines.

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